In hospitality, as in life, a good first impression is very important. However, that’s not where it stops. Maintaining that good impression is just as important.

So in this article, we will be looking at 10 little ways in which you can make a good impression on your guests and maintain it.

Incorporating these into your daily routine can be quite helpful in ensuring that almost every guest you meet leaves satisfied.

1. Address them by Name

Addressing your guests by name whenever possible could do a lot to make them feel seen and heard.

However, do keep in mind that there are different views among different cultures on which name should be used. So do a little research first.

2. A Multilingual Approach

In modern hospitality, being multilingual or having multilingual options is steadily becoming the norm.

Not only does it make guests feel more welcome, it also prevents miscommunication and service delays.

3. The Power of a Smile

People tend to mirror the emotions on the face of the people they see. This means that they will respond well when they are approached positively.

The power of smiling in hospitality cannot be understated. It puts people at ease and makes them well welcome.

4. Remembering Occasions

At a certain point, some guests will become return guests. When they do, information about them such as birthdays or special occasions become known to your staff.

You should always make sure to track and celebrate such occasions whenever possible. The celebration need not be large scale. A special offer or a complimentary gift could go a long way.

5. Complementary Gifts

Everyone likes free stuff. So perhaps it is a good idea to give your guests complimentary gifts occasionally.

These gifts can be anything ranging from a bottle of wine to a gift card at your spa facilities to a voucher for an activity at your establishment.

6. Extra Care where Needed

Another way in which you can make a good impression on your guests is by giving extra care to those who might need it.

These can include children, the elderly, the ill, or the disabled. Ask first and if they consent, they would very much appreciate the help. It would add a nice personal touch to their experiences at your establishment.

7. Say Thank You

This might surprise some, but people respond really well to being thanked. It holds true in hospitality as well.

Sending guests thank-you notes or verbalizing appreciation for their presence can add a lot to their experience at your establishment, making it extra special in their minds.

8. Talk Positive

One effective way to make a good impression on guests is to avoid using negative terms and words. Even if the guest is complaining or asking about something that can’t be done or obtained, there are ways to vocalize this in more positive ways.

For example, phrases “let me look it up for you” instead of “I don’t know” create the impression that you are working towards the customer’s benefit.

9. Offer Upgrades

Guests love feeling like they’ve won something or unearthed some hidden great bargain.

So offering them upgrades to the services and facilities they’ve booked is a very effective way to get them excited. It can leave positive impressions on them in the long run.

10. Stay Connected

One last way to make that good impression and keep it going is to stay connected even after they leave.

In the modern age, this means maintaining your social media handles and email newsletters or offers. Finding that non-intrusive threshold to mail them updates and offers could keep your establishment fresh in their minds for years to come.

And there you have it! Ten easy-to-follow ways to make and maintain a good impression among your guests.

If you put these into practice, you might end up turning them into return guests.

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