In our modern globalized world, multilingual support has become increasingly more important in most fields and markets out there. The hospitality industry is chief among them.

With guests traveling from every corner of the globe to every other corner of the globe, the demand for clear and accurate lines of communication has become louder and louder.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the advantages multilingual support can add to your hospitality establishment.

1. Avoid Miscommunication

The first and most obvious benefit of multilingual support at your establishment is being able to avoid miscommunication between your guests and your staff.

Multilingual support allows for the guests to perfectly understand what packages you offer. It also lets them choose exactly what they want without any misunderstanding of what their choice entails.

Conversely, it allows your staff to respond to these requests in a way where no information is lost. They can also upsell or cross-sell using the guest’s own language.

2. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Another big benefit of having multilingual support is that it greatly increases customer satisfaction.

One of the things all guests seek is to feel like they are listened to and they are valued. Speaking to them in their own mother tongue, can greatly enhance this feeling of being cared for. It makes them feel valued and special.

Pairing this sense of value created within the customer with a reliable line of communication that avoids miscommunication can go a long way towards creating returning customers. Often, most guests return to the hotel they felt treated them the best on a personal level. What’s more personal than the very language you were raised speaking?

3. Break into More Markets

This one is geared more towards the business of hospitality. The logic goes that the more languages you and your establishment supports, the more types of people you can reach.

In the modern world, geographical borders and language barriers mean nothing when it comes to the potential markets you can break into. By providing multilingual support, you are able to target potential guests in their social networks in their own languages.

The right marketing push to the right target audience often has the chance to result in an increase in guests from that market. There are often misconceptions that prevent the average person from traveling much. However, if you can speak their language, you can convince them to consider you more effectively.

Those are just some of the benefits of multilingual support at your hospitality establishment. To add this support manually, you would need to look for staff with these language qualifications. However, if you wanted to add multilingual support digitally, allow us to point you to TripKit.

TripKit is our easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, highly customizable, digital concierge app. We make it easy to make or respond to bookings, to check guest itinerary, and to display your services and facilities for your guests to see. And of course, we have multilingual support.

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