TripKit is our easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, highly customizable digital concierge app. It was created to tackle some age-old problems in the hospitality industry by helping guests and staff communicate better.

The TripKit Guest App offers guests the ability to peruse the offers and facilities of a hotel or other type of hospitality establishment from the comfort of their own smartphone. They can make bookings through the app and it has multilingual support.

The TripKit Staff App on the other hand, focuses fully on improving the staff experience. In this article, we will look at 3 key features of the Staff App and see how it can help hospitality staff everywhere.

1. Real-Time Service Requests

One of the problems that guests hate dealing with the most is delays in service. Whether it is a delay due to the front desk being unable to contact the relevant department or due to staff from the relevant department being preoccupied with other tasks, the delay negatively impacts guest relations.

TripKit allows the guest to make requests on their app and have those requests be sent directly to staff of the relevant department on their app in real time. This means that the delay caused due to the time it takes to reach the departments are altogether avoided.

Your staff can also respond to these requests via the Staff App. This decrease in response time can go a long way towards improving guest relations.

2. Real-Time Booking Management

Another feature of the TripKit Staff App that will greatly benefit your staff is its ability to receive and respond in real time to booking requests made by guests.

Similar to the service requests, the app can also handle booking requests. By letting the right staff know when relevant requests are made, communication issues such as double-booking and mistakes in the bookings themselves can be avoided.

Once again, your staff can respond to bookings via the app as well.

3. Real-Time Guest Itinerary

The third way in which the TripKit Staff App helps your staff is through its guest itinerary feature.

TripKit lets your staff view the booking and request history of your guests, along with what they have booked in advance. This knowledge is very useful for upselling or cross selling to guests. It is also very useful when planning ahead.

In addition to booking history and service requests, the Staff App also shows staff guest lists and other details. It allows the staff from different departments to keep track of and be informed on the various guests and their individual itineraries.

And there you have it! Three of the key features of the TripKit Staff App that are designed to help your staff and guests communicate better. The common issues of delayed response or double booking or miscommunication can be greatly avoided with the help of TripKit.

If you’d like to learn more about TripKit, please head on over to our website.

We invite smaller hotels to try the base version of TripKit at an affordable price, while larger hotels have the option of getting a white label version of the app, which they can customize to their liking.