TripKit is our easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, highly customizable digital concierge app. We have a guest app that your guests can use to browse through your catalogue with ease. We also have a staff app, meant to empower your staff and enable them to perform at their best.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the TripKit staff app. It provides your staff with many kinds of important information in a timely manner. It also enables staff to respond to guest requests ASAP.

Let’s take a look at just what those types of information might be and how they might help your staff.

1. Bookings

One of the types of information that the TripKit staff app provides your staff with deals with bookings.

Your guests can make bookings on their guest app, which will result in them popping up on the staff app almost immediately. This allows your staff from the right department to respond to the request at once, no matter where they might be on the premises.

The speed with which this can be done and the accuracy of the information conveyed ensures that your staff can easily manage bookings without any double bookings or other errors.

2. Service Requests

Another type of information that the TripKit staff app provides your staff is an up-to-date list of service requests made by guests.

When guests make service requests, similar to how they make bookings, the notification will pop up immediately on your staff app. As such, staff from the relevant departments can see this request and attend to it posthaste.

Additionally, the way TripKit works ensures that no more time is lost calling the front desk and being redirected. It also helps minimize miscommunication between guests and your staff.

3. Food Orders

The TripKit staff app also deals in food orders. Your guests can explore the full breadth of your restaurants and their menus through their guest app. They can order room service or ala carte through it.

Once an order is placed, much like service requests and booking requests, the staff app will notify the relevant staff so that they may attend to the order. Within seconds, your staff can respond to the guest, letting them know if the order is being processed.

The staff app also makes it easier for different staff from different departments to work together, such as in the case of food being prepared by one department and being taken to the guests by another.

4. Guest Itinerary

Last but not least, the TripKit staff app allows your staff to view the full itinerary of any guest. They can take a look at the guest’s booking history and future plans.

This sort of information is vital to getting to know your guests. The more your staff know your guests, the more they will be able to cross-sell or upsell. Offering guests more luxurious versions of what they enjoy or complementary products and services is made easy thanks to the insight the TripKit staff app provides.

The app can showcase this information as a timeline as well. This is just another way to make the information more easy to understand. Your staff can also plan ahead, relative to your guests’ schedule.

The TripKit staff app is built to ease some of the mental burden of day to day operations from your staff. Specifically, the part that involves keeping track of the different requests made by different guests to different departments.

By digitizing that aspect, TripKit creates a clear and direct line of communication from the guest to the relevant staff. It arms your staff with the knowledge needed to respond to the guests. Your staff are also able to do that remotely, regardless of what they are engaged in at the moment.

If you are interested in learning more about TripKit, please visit our website today and schedule a tour ASAP!