The holy month of Ramadan is a very special occasion to Muslims around the world. It is observed, respected, and celebrated in various ways by diverse Muslim communities. And it’s coming soon (mid-April by current estimates).

So, let’s take a moment to talk about Ramadan in a hospitality context. This article will discuss ways to respect and celebrate the month at your hospitality establishment.

Let’s begin our discussion with…

1. Social Media Marketing

In the modern digital age, very few events on the calendar go without some effort being put into related social media marketing. That being said, Ramadan is a holy month and thus, our approach must take this into consideration.

One of the best ways to do Ramadan-related social media marketing is to post prayer times in your local timezone daily. This can be done in a nice graphic so your guests will both find it useful and nice to look at. You can also post about special milestones during Ramadan, such as the first day or the middle day.

Another simple way to do social media marketing related to Ramadan is promoting special offers or packages you may have lined up for the month. This can be done a few weeks in advance so that your guests and potential guests can be made aware of these offerings and can make their bookings on time.

Additionally, posting food from iftar (break fast) feasts every now and then can also draw eyes to your establishment. Of course, you should do this after the time for breaking fast passes in your location.

2. Mindful Decorations

The next point we will highlight is decorations during Ramadan. While it might be a nice gesture to redecorate and spice up your locale for Ramadan, you might be able to achieve better results by actually toning down your decorations.

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims that is meant to teach restraint, patience, humility, and empathy. By opting for a more simple and restrained sense of decor, you might actually connect more with folks who observe the month’s fasting.

Additionally, though the onus of restraint is on the one who fasts, most people appreciate it when you consciously consider their needs during fasting. Avoiding large displays of food-related advertising or reducing photos/videos that might go against the sensibilities of some guests is a simple gesture that can say a lot.

3. Special Services

Another good way to operate during Ramadan is to provide any guest who observes the fast with extra customer service options that relates to fasting.

One example of this could be wake-up calls or reminders for prayer times. By offering your guests the chance to sign up for such a reminder, you let them feel secure in knowing that you have their back and will remind them of what they need to do or when, if the moment comes. This is especially helpful when eating the midnight feast necessary for fasting.

Another way you could make guests observing the fast feel more welcome is by providing them transport options to and from restaurants to break fast. Providing options for the midnight feast beyond room service could also work in your favor.

4. Special Iftar Meals

Last but certainly not least, you and your establishment could offer special feasts, buffets, or meals during iftar (break fast). This can be done in a number of ways and have a number of benefits.

Firstly, by having special iftar buffets or meals, you can encourage your Muslim guests to come to a restaurant or eatery of your choice. This is a golden opportunity to showcase different food or drink options (halal, of course) to new guests who may return to consume them again. It also creates a wonderful social atmosphere within your establishment. Several guests who share similar backgrounds, despite geographical or language differences, can come together.

Another way to approach this is by opening up the doors to reservations by non-guests. This is a good idea because it allows members of the local community and non-guests to come to your establishment. There, they can sample your food, drink, service, and ambiance. If it is to their liking, they can opt to return.

Additionally, opening up your doors for iftar feasts daily is also a great way to earn back the money you could lose out on due to a subset of your guests no longer taking meals during the day time.

These are just some of the options for you when celebrating and/or observing Ramadan at your hospitality establishment. The work you put in will be appreciated by your Muslim guests. It is both the moral and profitable choice.

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