The hotel industry is embracing the power of Artificial Intelligence, and the Digital Concierge is stepping in to cater to guest inquiries, provide faster reception service, better restaurant recommendations, and personalize the guest experience.

Hotel concierge services have been around forever. You see it mostly in luxury hotels. They have a presence about them but primarily, their job is to make your stay better. Therefore, if you need anything you call the concierge. Digital concierge is the same service but more receptive and available at your customer’s fingertips.

Our digital concierge is smart. Most hotels have a concierge, but a digital concierge is becoming routine, and for a good reason. A digital concierge is your full-time employee that can perform many tasks more effectively and transcend your hotel from the analog era into the digital.

What is a digital concierge, and what does it do?

Well, a digital concierge is a virtual source for handling all your customer needs. It is a type of guest experience technology that can provide guests with assistance. The idea is to be a go-to source for guests and anyone looking for information about the hotel and do it in a convenient, interactive, and helpful way.

Guests want faster service, immediate answers to questions, food and entertainment recommendations tailored to their taste, and more autonomy to plan their own itinerary. Digital customer service can engage guests with the speed and accuracy that they want. The best way to provide a great experience for today’s guests is through seamless and uncomplicated interactions. Make the guest’s trip as convenient as possible with some unforgettable extras.

Digital is just faster. Not just for check-in and check-outs, but the Digital Concierge also has immediate access to a large database of information, including maps, directions, phone numbers, and photos, and can respond quickly to specific questions or searches. The hospitality industry is always looking for innovative ways to provide better services to their customers. This is where technology and smart developments come in. Like with everything, we are going digital and hotels can either embrace it or get left behind.

While there is still some debate on the role of the Digital Concierge versus personal – But the benefits are well worth considering. Our digital concierge system was designed to address some common flaws that all hotels suffer from.

What are these?

In-room technology is big for 2020 and this means communication between hotel and the customer must be flawless. Travelling around hotels, the most complaints are generated around issues with room service. There are many reasons for this. Maybe the food was late. Maybe the reception was busy and the customer couldn't place the order. Maybe the order wasn’t received by the kitchen. Maybe the kitchen is busy but this wasn't communicated to the customer. Menu items may not always be readily available to purchase. This is a common problem. But orders are still taken regardless and then hotel reception has to call the customer to inform them that their order cannot be fulfilled. If the order takes 40 minutes it is frustrating for the customer. Fix this with a digital concierge system.

What if the customer knew about all of this before ordering? TripKit is designed to streamline the process but also communicate back to the customer. As a customer if you know what is going on, there is nothing to complain about. Making room service digital means that the order is tracked so the process can be monitored.

Improving communication will make sure your customer will enjoy their stay by allowing them to make informed decisions. We know that the majority of your customers do not want to actually talk to you. Sadly this is true. So, you need something in place to improve this situation.

Everything is going digital and this is the next logical step for hotels everywhere. Making the change will make room service run smoother. It removes the human errors which invariably make the service more reliable. The easier the process, the better it is communicated and naturally increases revenue because more guests will be inclined to use the service.

Now we understand. Staying in a hotel shouldn't remove human interaction, but some services just work better through a digital process. A digital concierge will never replace face to face interaction and is not intended to do so, but having a digital concierge service can be used to reinforce an already existing system. It can help improve guest satisfaction and lighten your daily workload burden. If you are in the hospitality business you know exactly what we are talking about.

Throughout the years, guests and customers have come to expect excellent customer service while in a hotel establishment, and between mobile devices, tablets and the whole internet at their fingertips, modern consumers also have a growing desire to be self-reliant. Although a traditional concierge is often charming, a digital concierge is always quick, efficient and knowledgeable.

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