The past several decades of hotel design had been marked by an emphasis on creating large communal spaces such as lobbies and outdoor decks, where people can gather, celebrate and simply enjoy themselves. Today, the hospitality industry finds itself faced with a new challenge: in just a few weeks, the coronavirus completely shifted the mindset of millions and people no longer feel safe in public spaces. Many expect this pandemic to leave a permanent mark and it is impossible to predict if and when people will feel safe to gather once again.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the hospitality industry particularly hard, with closed borders, social distancing, and travel restrictions dwindling the number of travelers.

As governments start to ease these measures, many hotels are hoping to coax travelers back by doubling-down on efforts to disinfect surfaces, social distance and promoting themselves as a safe place for travellers.

While these changes may help boost travelers’ safety and confidence in the immediate future, longer-term solutions will rely on contactless, self-service, and automation tech to reshape the guest experience.

Despite all the challenges ahead of us, the crisis is also offering the hospitality businesses the opportunity to review operations, embrace and implement technology and restart from a new and stronger position when they open.

It’s interesting to consider how you can alter your on-property services and upstream product messaging to capitalize upon this profound paradigm shift. Think beyond the required booking apps. In a mobile-everything world, hoteliers must think of ways to amplify their hotel experiences purely through digital means and without the time-honored ability to ingratiate yourself with customers via in-person “service with a smile.”

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We have compiled a list with the top 6 reasons why your hotel or apartment business should adopt a mobile app for guests to give you an overview of the benefits of adopting this technology.

1. A guest app helps reduce contact and put guests' safety first

Guest expectations have changed. Health, hygiene and safety are now guests' top priority and an app helps reduce touchpoints and put guests' safety first by providing everything guests need on their own phone.

2. An app will help you support your entire guest journey

You can surprise and delight your guests by giving everything they need on their phone. Guests can use your hotel app to read your recommendations on things to do, get directions, discover your services, explore excursions, browse through your restaurant menu, book a table or spa treatments and much more. A mobile app includes all the features that enables you to take the guest experience to the next level. You can give your guests the ability to request services and chat with your team when they want and ultimately give guests the power to choose how they want to engage with you.

3. Mobile apps help increase your hotel revenue and in-stay spend

Create a new revenue stream with your app. Travellers are always seeking the best deals and offers in the market. You can promote special offers, holiday packages, events and deals at your restaurant or spa with personalized notifications and amplify your message. An app for your property helps you earn more from every booking by encouraging restaurant/spa bookings and room upgrades. By having all the hotel information so easily at hand pre-arrival and during stay, it encourages guests to browse through services and experiences offered, providing an excellent opportunity to upsell. It enables your guests to order extra items or in-room service from their own phone, whether they are in their room or out and about. Supercharge your upsell strategy and increase your overall guest satisfaction by giving your guests the opportunity to customize their stay experience with you.

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4. You can save time and costs

You can save your staff’s time and reduce costs by digitizing your guest services. Target your customers through their preferred channel of communication by enabling guests to easily chat with concierge. Customers who have downloaded the hotel’s app can communicate directly with staff while making it easy for hoteliers to deal with enquiries. They can act as a digital concierge to book a taxi or table at a local restaurant as well as in-hotel services, such as spa and restaurant bookings and in-room food and beverage orders. Messages can be forwarded immediately to the team or staff member who is best able to help and they provide a great means of upselling services and facilities by direct engagement with the customer’s immediate needs.

5. Wrap all your guest-facing technology within your app

Your hotel app will help you to bring all your hotel guest-facing tech within one single mobile platform for Android and iOS and deliver a seamless guest experience. For example, here at TripKit, we have  offer you the very best of mobile guest experience apps, from making dinner reservations and spa bookings to ordering room service.

6. A mobile app helps your hotel be seen as an innovator in the industry

Having an app not only helps you cater to your mobile-friendly guests but it also enhances your brand image and helps you to be seen as an innovator in the hospitality and travel space.

At TripKit we provide best in class mobile experience for hotels. Our mobile solution is designed to help you provide the best digital guest experience to guests. In a post covid world safety is on every travellers mind, a contactless guest solution helps your hotel stand out. Follow the link to schedule a demo with our product team!

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