TripKit is a fantastic option that can take your hotel into the digital age. It lets guests explore your services and packages from the comfort of their own smartphones. It empowers them to book the packages they want and make any changes they deem fit. However, did you know that TripKit has benefits for your staff as well?

The TripKit Staff App is robust with features and information aimed to empower your staff in various ways. This can include helping them work more efficiently, avoiding communication errors, and gaining insights into your guests so as to provide optimal service.

Let’s take a look at some of the features in the TripKit Staff App that can help your staff take their service to the next level.

Managing Service Requests

Traditional customer service at a hotel sees the guest call the front desk with their request. This request is then forwarded to the relevant department so that the relevant staff can be mobilized. This process can be time consuming and is also vulnerable to communication errors.

With TripKit, you and your staff can say goodbye to the old way of doing things. The app brings the plethora of service requests made by guests, right to the staff that need to respond. It helps cut out the inefficiency of contacting the front desk and ensures that the right person can attend to the request at the right time.

Your staff can accept and respond to service requests through the TripKit Staff App on their smartphones. The relevant staff from the relevant departments can attend to the requests made. Confusion and inefficiency when managing service requests can become a thing of the past with TripKit.

Managing Bookings

Another way that TripKit empowers your staff is by allowing them to easily manage bookings. TripKit lets your staff respond to and manage the various booking requests your hotel gets from the convenience of their smartphones.

This greatly saves time and makes the process more efficient. The relevant staff can attend to booking requests easily from one location. It also ensures that they can attend to these requests on the go.

The response time and helpfulness when dealing with guests’ requests can go a long way towards creating a positive impression of your hotel and can help make one-time guests into repeat-guests.

In House Guests

One of the most important assets for good customer service is accurate and timely information. Having the right information can enable your staff to know your guests well and anticipate their needs.

The TripKit Staff App allows your staff to view the guest list, their requests, their bookings, and other details on the go. It creates a comprehensive history of each guest so that the staff can determine how best to serve them.

Whether it is upselling to the guest, anticipating their needs, providing complementary packages, or cross selling to them, the TripKit Staff App has got you covered.

Empowering staff can instill a greater trust in the leadership, motivate employees, foster creative problem solving, and can improve skilled employee retention. Empowered staff also tend to provide better customer service.

TripKit allows you and your staff to tackle the various challenges of running a hotel in the digital age with ease. It offers modern tools and insights into age-old problems so that they may be mitigated, if not solved.

Our Staff App is geared directly towards the lifeblood of any hotel; the staff. By providing the right information to the right person at the right time, the app allows for snap decision-making and efficient service.

So schedule a demo with us today and see what TripKit can bring to your hotel, its guests, and its staff.