Eid is the name given  to two very important religious celebrations for muslims around the world. Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan while Eid Al-Adha is believed to be a celebration of the Prophet Abraham’s devotion to God.

These two occasions present hoteliers with unique opportunities to spice up their hotel and to make their muslim guests feel more welcome. Additionally, it can be a cultural learning experience for non-muslims, who can also take part in some parts of the celebration.

Let’s take a look at how you can prepare your hotel for an Eid celebration.

1. Social Media Marketing

As with all initiatives these days, your task begins with social media marketing. You’ll need to create some posts leading up to the day to build expectation and interest.

Some examples can include infographics about Eid, ads for potential special offers and services you will be offering during Eid, or even a showcase of how your staff are preparing to celebrate it. (Eg: Cooking delicious food or a clean-up event, etc.) A custom Eid greeting posted on social media on the day of Eid would also be a nice touch.

Designing some posts and posting them on social media in the days leading up to Eid is a tried and true way to build interest.

2. Hotel Decorations

A next possible step to prepare your hotel for Eid is to decorate the premises. Graphics promoting your own events is certainly one way to go, but looking up how it is done in muslim communities around the world could provide some inspiration.

By taking the time to spice up the place for the day, you create this impression that the day and the special offers for the day are important and must be paid attention to. A few banners wishing everyone a happy Eid is the bare minimum, but still conveys that festive sense.

Some common decorative aesthetics used during Eid include moon imagery, stars, fireworks, delicious-looking food, and geometric designs.

3. Facilitate Eid Prayer

This is a bit of an involved step but if you can, you should help facilitate a special Eid prayer at your premises for all muslims on it, guest or staff. It will create a sense of acceptance and can boost guest-staff relations as well.

One option for such a task is to prepare an auditorium or other similar large open space for the prayer. Another is to have it in a clean area outdoors. Perhaps prayer mats can be lent on site for attendees. It is also important to have someone present who knows how to lead the Eid prayer, though this can easily be looked up online these days.

The last crucial part of this step is giving your guests the option to opt into a reminder for Eid prayer. This lets your staff know who to call and when to help them attend the Eid prayer your hotel has set up.

4. Prepare an Eid Feast

Another important aspect of Eid is the post-prayer feast. Exactly what this feast constitutes of varies from region to region.

Give your chefs the chance to flex their abilities by preparing a lavish Eid feast. Open it up to all guests so that everyone can join in on the celebrations. Of course, the staff should get their own feast too, if at all possible. After all, they likely stayed up to make all of this happen.

The Eid feast can be the big event of the day. It is the social and celebratory centerpiece around which most of the marketing and preparation can be done. It is an easy way to grab a lot of attention.

5. Prepare Eid Activities

After a good meal and some rest, the next step to make Eid a fun and memorable experience would be to have some fun activities to enjoy oneself with.

Allowing guests and perhaps staff to enjoy some leisurely activities such as games, sports, or various contests could be a great way to cap off a wonderful Eid celebration. These activities can even be a chance to show off the various existing facilities and services as a way to encourage guests to come back and try them again.

Having a day of fun activities culminating in a lovely dinner would be the perfect way to end the day.

Eid is a holiday celebrated by muslims globally. Considering that there are about 1.8 billion muslims in the world (and counting), there is a high chance that you have had, currently have, or will have muslim guests staying at your hotel.

Just like Christmas is a chance to spice up your hotel, Eid is as well. Taking the time to celebrate festivals from multiple cultures gives you the chance to appeal to guests hailing from these cultures.

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