New Year’s is one of the most widely celebrated events around the world every year. It is a time of joy, of change, and of finally going on that holiday people have been saving up for.

As hoteliers, New Year’s presents many unique opportunities to bring in guests and create lifelong return customers. It is an opportunity to implement new marketing and new offers.

So, let’s take a look at some effective ways to promote your hotel around New Year’s.

1. Themed Social Media Postings

It is a common but effective practice for hotels to post seasonal greetings via social media. It is a time when people tend to travel or plan for trips so appearing in their field of vision online can prove to be very helpful.

The easiest way to draw interest during the holidays is to post appropriately themed social media posts. A seasonal greeting post such as “Happy New Year” is just the tip of the iceberg. To effectively grab guests’ attention during the holiday season, you will need to tap into the spirit of the holiday being discussed with your marketing push.

For instance, people tend to be focused on new beginnings and making changes to their lives around New Year’s. As such, posts celebrating the new beginning can resonate with such people. New Year’s is also a very relaxed time for a lot of people, so they are more likely to respond to humor being used on social media. Additionally, New Year’s also activates the people who want to plan their entire year ahead. Getting on their radar at this time is a good way to ensure that when they are planning their vacation, your name will be in the running for choice of destination. Sharing tips and tricks for healthy living can also grab some attention during this time.

How much people love the ‘new beginnings’ spirit of New Year’s cannot be overstated. You should position your social media to take advantage of this mood.

2. New Product/Service Promotions

New Year’s is the perfect time to unveil that new product or service or facility you’ve been hoping to establish. In fact, preparing such unveilings for New Year’s is seen as a very good idea.

When people are in that mood of new beginnings, seeing your hotel promote a brand new, never before seen product is bound to get their attention. They are more likely to try new things and are more open to new ideas.

This might also be a good way to create unique and time-sensitive packages for your guests. You could offer some related services together in one package. This could promote your best facilities while allowing your lesser-known facilities or services to also get some time in the spotlight.

3. Feedback Promotion

The hospitality industry lives and dies by customer satisfaction. As such, it is imperative that you know the effect the services and facilities your hotel offers has on the guests who indulge in them.

Running surveys and feedback campaigns is a great way to gather that data from your previous guests. You could ask them what they liked and didn’t like about their experience at your establishment. You could email them or link them to surveys via your social media accounts.

One good way to ensure their feedback is to make offers to those who take part in the surveys. A percentage-based discount is a good way to grab some attention, but you can do more. Offering special packages or services to previous guests who give you feedback is also an option. Additionally, providing hotel-themed gifts to them can also work, if the cost is not an issue. Either way, the point is to make your guests want to give feedback when you need it.

Lastly, it is worth noting that doing this can ensure a connection between you and your guests even after their stay. You can stay relevant in their minds and gain valuable information about your services and facilities from someone who was a guest. This kind of interaction opens up the chance of guests becoming return guests.

4. Post-Holiday Offers

It is a widely known fact that sales drop after the holiday season. However, there are ways to try to retain sales during this time. Post-holiday sales/offers is the name of the game.

By offering discounts or special offers after the holiday season, your hotel becomes enticing to the people who want to travel on a budget. You also get the attention of return guests who want to experience your hotel again, but might not have the financial means at normal pricing.

Additionally, it could be a good way to get on the radars of impulse spenders. They might take the spirit of change of the New Year and be very keen on making big changes in their lives. A discounted trip to your hotel might be just the change they are looking for.

We hope these tips will help you and your hotel take on the holiday and post-holiday season. We at TripKit wish you a very happy new year!

We also wish you good fortune in the coming year and remind you that if you would like to take your hotel to the next level, TripKit is the way to go.

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