Cross-selling involves identifying products or services that fulfil additional, complementary needs customers have that are unfulfilled by their initial purchase.

In Layman’s terms, it means enhancing a customer’s experience by making them extra offers which go together well with what they’ve already chosen to pay for. For example, offering a cocktail to a guest who is sunbathing near the pool.

TripKit is our easy-to-use, highly customizable digital concierge app. We are fairly confident that TripKit can provide your staff with the knowledge and ability to cross-sell your various products, services, facilities, and other offerings.

In this article, we will look at 3 ways in which TripKit can help your staff cross-sell to your guests.

The Digital Menu

Food is one of the easier things to cross-sell. Someone who ate a spicy meal might be more amenable to a cool, sweet drink, for instance.

TripKit allows you to display the entire repertoire of food made at your hotel, guest house, resort, etc. through it. This information is easily accessible to the guests from the convenience of their own smartphones. We also provide multilingual support, which has proven to be a big hit among guests.

Guests can be made aware of food that is complementary to their choices through the app. The fact that browsing any menu of all your restaurants is simple and intuitive encourages guests to explore more. Additionally, orders can be placed from anywhere on the premises, reducing the barriers to effective cross-selling even further.

The Guest Timeline

One of the most important things your staff needs to cross-sell to your guests is information. Knowing their booking details, their previous purchases, and spotting any trends is key when cross-selling.

Back in the day, this information was gleaned through conversation or through meticulous record-keeping. However, TripKit makes it easy.

The guest (and more importantly, your staff) can see all the activities they have booked in their itinerary can be seen as a timeline. This is a fantastic and easy-to-follow way to know just what the guest has booked, allowing your staff to extrapolate on the specific types of products or services that the guest might enjoy.

The Special Offers

Very few people can resist a good discount or promotion. That being said, if a special offer is introduced and no one knows about it, it’s not very effective.

Enter TripKit. One of our features is the ability to customize the way your version of the app looks. One popular way to do this is by depicting all the special offers and promotions being offered by you, right on the home page.

This feature can be used for cross-selling by providing a guest with offers that directly complement what they have already chosen. And since the home page of the app is what the guest sees first, the chances of them spotting the offer and opting for it become higher. From their point of view, things they never knew they wanted, but would actually really enjoy just keep popping up in the app.

Add this to the fact that booking any of these services or facilities is as easy as a few key strokes and taps. The convenience alone is enough to encourage more people to try out this cross sold products and services.

Cross-selling is one of the ways to increase revenue at your hotel or resort, etc. during low traffic months when occupancy is low. However, it needs two vital ingredients to make it work effectively; the right information and the ability to grab a customer’s attention. Either way, TripKit has you covered.

TripKit provides your staff with all the information they may need about a guest’s booking history and their preferences (based on the choices they made). It is displayed in a coherent, easy-to-read fashion so that more time can be spent deciding what to do with this information, rather than gathering it.

TripKit also allows you to position your offers and promotions in a way that almost guarantees that the guest will see it in their daily lives. This can allow you and your staff to attract specific customers with specific promotions that cater to their needs, or are complementary to their needs.

So, as you can see, TripKit is your one-stop tool to take your hospitality into the digital age. It is based around providing the right information to the right people at the right time, and in the easiest, most convenient way possible.

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