The COVID-19 pandemic shook the Hotel industry particularly hard, and turned many hotel-businesses upside down. Hotels, B&Bs Guesthouses, Bars, Cafes and Restaurants really have felt the impact of the restrictions that have come because of the COVID pandemic.

But, like a snow globe, the post-COVID-19 era maybe even better than before the pandemic — because people are, and will always be, social animals. After a whole year in lockdown, people are going to want to “get away” from their own four walls and back out into society.

Restrictions are being eased and opening up just in time for the December rush of Christmas seems like an opportunity waiting to be taken.  Christmas is approaching fast, and you need to be prepared. The holiday season is an excellent time for hotels to increase occupancy, up-sell and delight guests. So, it’s time to start planning. You wouldn’t want to be thought of as the Grinch, do you?

We all smile a little easier during Christmas, we’re far more likely to accept and interact with festive related campaigns. This is the perfect time to enhance your brand’s online presence and make their stay a celebration to remember. It all starts with an effective marketing campaign. So here are 6 strategies you can try this Christmas and get the most out of) this holiday season.

A Christmas Surprise

Christmas is one of the most beloved seasons for Hoteliers since they always have a reason to celebrate: Guests are usually in an enhanced buying mood. Now is the perfect time to launch those December Deals that you have up your sleeve.  Whether they include overnight rates and packages or just dining options, have these irresistible deals splashed all over your website and social media, enticing your customers to look and book. Delight your guests when they check-in to your hotel with exciting Christmas surprises and make people feel like they’ve gained extra value from their trip. Even something like free breakfast on their first morning will be enough to put a smile on their face and let them know you appreciate them.

Trees & Lights

No Christmas is complete without decorations. They should go up around the first week of December and can include garlands, lights, ribbons, wreaths, ornaments, and, of course, a Christmas tree. If your property is family-friendly, consider featuring Santa. Ho Ho Ho! Families can take a picture, upload it to social media, tag your property, and be entered in a contest. It’s a lot of fun for the guests and free marketing for you. Awash your property in sparkles and harness that positive energy that is plentiful during this time of year.

Personalized to Perfection

Great customer service is more than just solving your customer’s issues. Go above and beyond by creating something awesome to remind your customers why they love their stay at your Hotel. This means greeting your guests by name, tailoring your services and extra offers to suit their preferences and demographic. Surprise your guests with complimentary gifts like chocolate and wine bottles with a handwritten note or personalized stockings hanging on the mantel. Personal touches are not just a fun novelty for your guests but also embed a memory that your hotel took the time to cater specially for them, which is important when trying to boost return stays and reviews.

Get In the Holiday Spirit

Like all special occasions, you should take this opportunity to offer curated themed package deals to your guests. These could include things like Christmas dinner, gift-wrapping service or baking holiday cookies. If you have a bar or restaurant at your property, the drink menu is an excellent place to add some holiday vibes. There’s nothing like the smell of mulled wine to make it feel like a cozy Christmas haven. And seasonal cocktails like mulled wine, eggnog, and hot chocolate are sure to spread some holiday cheers and warmth.

Holidays are about nostalgia and making good memories, your hotel needs to make it easier for guests to do this.

Join the Festivities

Around Christmas, travellers will be searching for holiday themed events to attend. You can host all sorts of events at your Hotel. They can be as lavish or as simple as you want so long as it fits your brand and clientele. So, get creative. You can hold a snowman building contest, plan a card-making workshop, gingerbread house making competitions, host movie nights with holiday classics—whatever you think will get your guests enjoying the season. You might not be able to host big holiday events at your property, but you can still include tickets to local events and attractions in the community. Things like sleigh rides, light shows, holiday concerts, and ice skating make great additions to a holiday package. By using your social media platform, you can create intrigue for events happening in and outside your hotel. Are there any Christmas skits or winter wonderlands near you? These can be great attractions for guests. If your hotel ties in with the festivities, that combo could be just the thing they’re looking for this December. Many guests will not want to miss the unique end of year celebrations of their destination. Use your social media platforms to promote and connect with local events. This will increase traffic to your site and hopefully tempt more travellers to make a booking, especially if you’re located nearby to the aforementioned events.

'Tis the Season!

At the end of the day people will notice when you are paying them attention. Always give your guests the feeling of being welcomed and cared for, and join in on the celebratory mood they’re likely to bring on their stay. During Christmas, your hotel business can profit just from honest and personal interactions, a cozy ambiance, and lots and lots of kindness. We encourage you to make the most out of this magical season and try to keep the spirit alive all year!