Does your Hotel serve guests for whom English is not their first language? When only 20% of the world is english speaking, it's hardly surprising if the majority of your guests come from countries where English is not the primary language. Running a hotel means you are expected to welcome guests from all over the world. Your customers are international tourists and letting them browse your mobile content in their own language is so crucial for your hotel to succeed.

Since you are reading this, let's assume that you speak and read English. But imagine if this was written in Hebrew. You may get the gist of what we are trying to say through visuals, but you won't get the full idea. Not a great experience right? You’d probably leave feeling frustrated - and that would be a shame.

Guest Experience Apps are increasingly used to connect with guests and provide all the information they need and transform their stay. It's absolutely crucial that your Hotel App is impeccable and offers potential guests all the details they need, in a format that is both easily understandable and attractive.

Increase Sales

It might sound obvious but having your hotel app in multiple languages means you instantly widen your customer base. It’s not a secret that people – 75% of consumers, to be precise – are more likely to make a purchase if their product information is available in their native language. With tourism being developed in most countries around the world nowadays, simply missing a chance to connect with a large mass of guests due to them not being able to understand what your App says, is definitely a mistake you can avoid. An app which supports multiple languages means that you're automatically growing the number of people that you can reach with your message.

Build Trust

As human beings it’s natural to feel more comfortable in familiar territory – and language is one of those comfort zones. A traveler is going to feel more comfortable and trust more in a property whose message (and App) they fully understand. Speaking the language of your guests puts your guests in a cultural comfort zone and will make them more likely to choose you! An App with multiple languages will indicate to potential guests that you are a serious, professional company. When a guest logs on to your Hotel App and sees the option to change the language, it will indicate to them that your hotel caters to people all over the world. Knowing this will give them extra confidence to use your hotel services. That’s the thing about being able to communicate with your guests in THEIR language - it establishes trust, which is essential at all stages of the purchasing cycle.

Improve the Guest Experience

Your Hotel App is a digital concierge for your hotel. Engage with your guests using our Guest Service App presented on a multilingual platform. International guests can look at restaurant menus, spa brochures and communicate with staff in their native tongue through the app, and allowing guests to select their language of choice makes mobile payments smoother, providing a seamless guest experience.

The Future is International

Guests who don't speak English will steer clear of content they cant read and failing to have a multilingual app could lead you to miss out.. In an increasingly global world, offering a service in multiple languages not only makes business sense, it's a necessity. Doing so, you can target a larger customer base and we will have you saying "hi", "hola", "bonjour" to guests from all over the world.

TripKit app supports languages from all over the world. Translate content automatically with our AutoTranslate feature.