Upselling is a delicate art. It is one of the best ways for hotels to increase their profits. It is also a great way to showcase the range of services and facilities you offer. It requires staff to make the right offer to the right guest at the right time. And last but certainly not least, it is a great way to guarantee customer satisfaction and create returning customers.

As such, upselling requires thorough understanding of your guests needs, in-depth knowledge of your services and facilities, and clear communication between your guests and your staff. Traditionally, this involved experienced and knowledgeable staff approaching guests directly. It was limited by time, reach, and the capability of the staff. However, in today’s dynamic and digital world, this is no longer the case.

Enter TripKit. Our app offers both a Guest Experience app for your hotel and a fully featured Digital Concierge Solution. It arms your staff with all the tools necessary to successfully upsell to guests while removing barriers for guests to accepting these offers.

With no further ado, let’s take a look at three ways TripKit can increase upselling at your hotel.

1. Creating Informed Staff

One of the most important things your staff needs to upsell your services and facilities is accurate and timely information. Your staff can greatly benefit from having insight into the wants and needs of the guests they are dealing with. That’s where the TripKit Staff app comes in.

The TripKit Staff app conveys any new requests made by guests to your staff in teal-time. This allows them to easily monitor the guest experiences for any number of guests staying at your hotel. The app also allows the staff to manage and respond to bookings with ease.

This plethora of information can help the staff discern which guests to upsell to, along with what kinds of products and services should be recommended. This greatly increases the chances of successfully upselling to these guests.

2. Prioritizing Guest Convenience

Another key component to upselling to guests is how convenient it is for them to make the change. If the process is too time consuming or complicated, guests tend to second-guess their choices and avoid upgrading their bookings. However, if the process is easy and convenient, guests tend to be receptive to the upselling.

The TripKit Guest app is designed with that ease of use in mind. The app allows you to easily showcase the breadth of experiences you provide. It also gives guests the ability to explore and book your hotel’s services and facilities from the convenience of their own smartphones. From excursions to menus of multiple restaurants to watersports to spa reservations, the app can display an abundance of information customized to meet your brand guidelines.

How much information can be conveyed paired with how convenient it is to peruse it all go a long way towards encouraging your guests to spend a little more to try different services and facilities you offer.

3. Providing Communication Tools

A crucial tool for upselling is clear and timely communication. Whether it is the guest communicating their needs to the staff or the hotel conveying new offers and promotions to its guests, clear lines of communication are vital. Once again, the TripKit app has you covered.

The ability to send push notifications through the app is a powerful tool available to you and your staff. Whether it is booking information, restaurant offers, or special promotions, the TripKit app lets you send real-time notifications to guests. This allows guests to keep learning more about the various services you offer. At the same time, you learn about their wants and needs.

Keeping guests in the loop about special offers or related services to what they’ve already booked increases the chances of them testing the waters with the other options available to them.

Upselling may be a delicate art but TripKit lets you approach it with a distinctively modern touch. The app keeps your staff fully-informed, it removes barriers for your guests, and it lets you relay promotions and offers directly to them.

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