Maintaining a social media presence has become an unspoken necessity in the modern business world. From fast food brands such as Wendy’s and apparel brands such as Nike, it seems that many businesses maintain an online presence. And so it is for the hospitality industry.

To give you an example, Marriott Hotels maintains an active Instagram account with more than 400k followers. Hilton Hotel maintains an active Instagram account with more than 300k followers. And that’s just Instagram.

So the need to maintain an active social media presence is very clear.

In this article, we will go over a few ideas for types of social media posts that can help you connect with your guests.

With no further ado, let’s begin.

1. Snapshots of Paradise

The first idea we suggest is a type of post that is common amongst the biggest hotels in the world. Looking at the likes to dislikes ratio, it clearly resonates with followers.

This type of post involves you showcasing photos of guests enjoying the various services, facilities, and experiences offered by your hotel. One effective way to always have material for such posts is to offer photography packages to guests with the option that they allow you to use the photos for promotional purposes.

Some of the bigger international brands tend to post pictures from their establishments around the world to give a holistic view of what the experience of staying with them is like.

These kinds of posts are designed to create a sense of longing for the experiences on display. This can serve as a motivator to stay at your hotel to experience the same thing the people in the picture are experiencing.

2. Engagement Posts

This is social media management 101 but it still bears being repeated here. Creating posts for your followers to engage with can drum up interest and turn them from passive viewers to more people more actively interested in your content. Let’s look at some fun examples of engagement posts.

One idea is to have an open ended question that followers can answer. For instance, “what was your favorite memory from your last holiday” or “what is your favorite type of seafood”?

Another option is to have it be a vote between two different options. For example, “What is more romantic, a walk on the beach at night or a daytime cruise on the sea?” This sort of post drums up competition and interest.

3. Promotional Posts

The main reason most businesses engage in social media is to market themselves and to stay relevant in the minds of their customer-base. As such, promotional posts are a given.

Promoting new services, features, locations, or any other aspect of your hotel online can have massive benefits. For one, the reach is much broader and faster.

Promotional posts can also be used to highlight certain services or facilities that need a little more attention. Guests also love seeing posts about potential sales or special offers or discounts, etc.

4. Event Posts

Last but not least, we have event posts. These are the posts you make to celebrate certain events such as public holidays and special occasions. These kinds of posts provide a great opportunity to market your hotel and should be taken advantage of.

Some examples of event posts can include Christmas posts or Women’s Day posts or Fathers’ Day posts.

However, simply posting a greeting is poor form. Anyone can do that. So why not have your marketing department research the event or occasion and come up with posts that complement it. For example, highlight prominent women around women’s day or posting simple Christmas recipes around the year’s end.

Events are a great way to connect with people and stay relevant within their interests.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media posts. Maintaining active social media accounts is an important part of staying relevant and competitive in the modern hospitality industry.

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