Millennials, or Generation Y, is one of the most demanding consumer group to ever have existed: they want it all, and they want it now - and at a reasonable price. The Millennials spend a lot of time traveling. It is also very popular among them to work remotely in a cafe or on a beach abroad.

To attract millennials to your hotel, you must understand their unique personality. This would help you to cater to their demands. They are young adventurous professionals. They are very into social media and share the fun things they get up to online. Millennials are the first generation that grew up with internet and smartphones. They are looking for authentic experiences. Their proximity to technology sets them apart from the previous generations. That’s why, hoteliers must find new ways to market their properties to this young, tech-savvy and demanding generation.

If you are planning to reach success as a hotel, let me introduce you to Millennials.

They are Special

These people like everything unique and made with love. They want to get insider tips, personal opinions and to feel like locals rather than tourists during their holidays. Millennials live for memorable experiences. They want to feel that they’re a part of something bigger. This makes personalisation the key to attracting them. Instead of trying to sell them your hotel room, tell them about the history, culture, and unique surroundings that define your property. The hotel should have a story or an unusual element to attract millennials. It doesn’t always mean a fundamental redesign, just adding some eye-catching detail or exotic services can be enough to make your business more interesting for Gen Y. It's the little things. Focus on the complimentary bottle of champagne, fresh roses in the room and chocolates on the cushions. As cliché as it may sound, these are the things Millennials look for – they make for nice pictures they can post on their Instagram.

They are Loyal

Millennials are money smart and while they strive to reach success and live comfortably, it doesn’t mean they will readily spend huge sums of money on a vacation. They are always on the lookout for the best value when it comes to travel expenses. By offering them deals and discounts, enhance your chances to attract this audience. Millennials expect loyalty programs after their stay at your hotel. It makes them feel special. Offering them loyalty programs would help you to attract them in future and to win a repeat customer. A good place to start is a program that rewards millennials with exciting gifts. We are not talking about a system where they need to gather points before they get something. No! millennials want instant gratification, so give them their discounts and extras right away when they sign-up. Millennials are expecting a traveling experience that is affordable. Gaining brand loyalty with this group now will be beneficial to your hotel for years to come.

They are Forever alone

Gen Y prefers traveling solo. When planning how to attract millennials, you should take into consideration that the "digital nomad" group - people who work while travelling and staying in different locations around the world. Freelancers are expected be around 50% of the global workforce by 2030, the need to appeal to the solo guest market is apparent. While some take a trip to rejuvinate and relax, the majority want to meet other like-minded explorers. That’s why your hotel needs to be a buzzing place where there are endless opportunities to socialize. Pool parties, game nights, and open-air movie screenings are easy to host and offer the perfect atmosphere for fellow guests to strike up conversation. By fostering a communal atmosphere and providing opportunities to mingle, you’ll instantly reassure anyone traveling alone that they’ll be surrounded by good company whenever they wish to find it. Whether your solo guests are single, looking to meet new people, or seeking alone time to recharge the batteries, understanding their motivations for travel is crucial to creating a memorable experience. By designing communal spaces, and prioritizing safety, your hotel will become a truly attractive destination for anyone exploring the world on a single adventure.

They are Instagram Worthy

A key feature of Millennials – is that they are highly active online. If possible, 24/7 and without a break. Millennials are also a very outspoken bunch and are likely to talk about  their experience with others. After their stay in the hotel, they share their impressions with photos and hashtags. Instagram is their favorite social media platform. It lets users post beautiful images and share with 'followers'. Making your hotel Instagram worthy enables you to basically get word-of-mouth marketing on a mass scale for free, as millennials happily share photos of your hotel for you. Your hotel needs to be designed to look ‘instagrammable’ for the millennial guest. If not, it is probably time to update your decor. But before you start overhauling your hotel to appeal to this group, it is worth paying close attention to their fondness for unique and unforgettable travel experiences. It is important to highlight exotic or unique points of your hotel, be it location, interior, cuisine or services. Put simply, what does your hotel offer millennials that others dont? How does it stand out in the experience it offers?

They Keep up with the Tech

Everything should be digitized. That is the number one rule. Millennials love their gadgets. Upgrade your online booking process if you haven’t done it yet. Gen Y favours self-service. Booking, choosing additional perks, payment - everything should be digital in order that your customers could be independent from the staff. TripKit has  a solution: it is a concierge app. The main concept is to provide a connection between you and the guest. The app enables a speedy simple booking process. The guest can request services, such as bicycle rental, a museum voucher, sauna etc. The direct communication between the hotelier and the customer means there is no need to call the reception or to go down to it. You don’t have to waste a ton of paper. Millennials will love your decision to go eco-friendly and digitize the business. Millennials’ early exposure to technology has enabled them to have a broad outlook. They are like experimenting and are curious about things. Different likes and preferences leads them to have very fussy tastes. Allow them to use their smartphones to control their room temperature and lighting. Things like these help in creating better relationships between guests and hotels. Is your website up to date? Does booking ordering room service take less than a minute?

Millennials want more, and they want to pay less for it. And whether good or bad, they are very likely to leave reviews online about their stay at your hotel. If you nail your hotel strategy for this demographic, you will reap the rewards of attracting and keeping a highly loyal consumer group that is only going to grow in prominence.

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