Whatever the short or long term plans for your hotel, one thing is for sure, they all coincide into one big central, overarching pillar: increasing your hotel’s revenue. Therefore, it might come as no surprise when one of the most fundamental ways you can achieve that is through the systematic use of technology. It has after all permeated every aspect of our lives. Smart use of tech is changing the way the world does just about anything. The hospitality industry is not an exception. In-fact the hospitality industry is leading the big change. Lets focus on the ways an App can directly and indirectly boost your hotel’s profitability.

Personalized Hotel Experiences

Personalization is the mantra for this age. Millennials and even seasoned tourists appreciate a high-level personalization of when they book holidays, weekend escapes and trips. A mobile app is an incredible way to customize the guest experience. Imagine getting a welcome message on your phone followed by a list of amenities that suit your preferences. These little things matter massively in delivering a more caring service. While you strengthen guest relationships and cultivate loyalty by impressing your guests by recognizing their personal preferences, such as receiving their favorite cocktail on arrival or a coupon for a spa they would enjoy, your hotel can gain valuable data and insights to enhance guest experience .

Increase In-room service, Restaurant and Spa reservations

Apps are an excellent way for hotels to promote in-house services restaurants, bars and spas. Offer guests an interactive catalogue of all the available hotel deals and by allowing guests the option to demand services with a few taps, you can sell then what they want, when they want it. At hotels, upselling is when the front-desk staff offer guests a higher category room on arrival. This tedious process has low success rates and even comes with some disadvantages. Check-in process gets dragged on and the guests have to wait while the housekeeping scramble to prepare the new room. Cross-selling was similar; the concierge would attempt to encourage the guests to book a dinner table or a spa treatment. After that it's up-to the guest to take action. Today, software allows hotels to take a more efficient and effective approach.

With a mobile app you can give the guest the option to choose the add-ons they want at their convenience. Imagine a potential guest browsing the hotel app and looking to book a relaxing massage at your spa. It's a 50 minute full body massage that will indeed leave her rejuvenated. But just before they book the massage, they see that the hotel also offers a ‘Relax’ package which includes a specialized deep-tissue massage, a body scrub with a facial mask and aromatherapy for an additional cost. She then weighs up the two choices momentarily before ultimately splurging a little extra on the deluxe spa package. Similarly, for a guest browsing the restaurant menu for lunch ideas can view other frequently bought-together services, such as a delectable dessert or a wine pairing to complement the meal, encouraging him to add multiple items to the basket.

Faster Response and Service

A hotel app can be phenomenal for hotel-staff, allowing them to fulfill requests as soon as they are made. Guests can simply make requests and instead of fiddling around calling the front desk, they can receive their orders within minutes. Fast and diligent service significantly increases the chances of guests ordering again. By allowing guests to clarify details and make requests, they will never miss an update and can always access information on the go.

Promos and Discounts

Mobile apps are also a brilliant way to deliver offers, discounts, and promotions to hotel guests during their stay. Guests are always looking for convenience on a trip, so helpful suggestions go a long way. Offering your guests ideas for dining experiences, tours, entertainment, and local attractions with attached discounts is a great way for hotels to boost revenue. This can also allow hotels to develop new partnerships with local businesses while offering your guests a magnificent technology experience.

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