There are roughly 6500 languages spoken in the world today. Each of them has their own origins, expressions, and strengths. They also reflect the wealth and diversity of culture in our world.

In the customer-focused industry that is hospitality, multilingual options have become more important than ever. A large part of customer service relies on communication and the language used can make a world of difference.

So, let’s take a look at three reasons why multilingual support matters.

1. Creates an Approachable Environment

When a guest is looking to book a stay at your hotel, resort, or other hospitality outlet, the language options you present them can influence how they see you. Simply put, even if the guest speaks perfect English, offering their local language as an option carries with it a huge advantage.

Having text on your website or speech from your staff be in the guest’s local language can put them at ease from a psychological perspective. This is due to them finding the familiar in an unfamiliar place.

Additionally, it makes your establishment seem more approachable and welcoming to your guests. They are more likely to make bookings there and come back as repeat guests.

2. Prevents Communication Errors

One of the biggest issues in customer service is the occurrence of communication errors. These can range from misunderstandings regarding bookings, packages, prices, and other similar issues.

While there are ways to deal with such errors, the best way is to prevent them. As such, taking steps to deal with this issue can be massively helpful in the long run.

Your online presence is often the most customer-facing aspect of your organization. Many of your guests might make their minds about your establishment based on the very first impression you make on them through your online presence. So, having multilingual options for your website, app, or other online presence is a good start.

3. Allows for Additional Promotion Options

One of the problems your staff can sometimes face is the lack of knowledge your guests have on the various products and services your establishment offers. This can impact upselling and cross selling attempts by your staff. It can also prevent new promotions and offers from succeeding to draw in the interest that they deserve.

By opting for multilingual options, you can increase your marketing output. This content can also reach more kinds of people from more diverse backgrounds. And best of all, due to it being multilingual, this information will be perfectly conveyed to the target audience on their terms, in their language of preference.

Spreading knowledge of your promotion in their language of choice also increases chances of the guests trying it out as they might see the promotion as geared towards them.

All that being said, the question becomes “how”. How do I add multilingual support to my hospitality establishment? Do I teach all my staff a plethora of languages? Do I invest in pocket translators? How do I bring multilingualism to my customer service?

Let us introduce you to the answer to your conundrum; TripKit.

TripKit is an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, highly customizable digital concierge app. With a guest app through which they can explore the entirety of your establishment’s offerings, all the information you want your guests to know is jut a few taps of a smartphone away.

All that being said, TripKit has extensive multilingual support. All the content you put in it can be made to be displayed in a multitude of different languages. All your offerings, promotions, and services can be presented to your guests in their language of preference.

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