It’s that time of the year again, folks! Love is in the air, flowers are in vogue, and there is enough chocolate changing hands to pave the roads with. It’s nearly Valentine’s Day!

When the season of love (as some call it) approaches, it offers many unique opportunities for your establishment and staff to change their marketing and sales strategies to fit the festive mood.

Just like the New Year, Valentine’s Day tends to put people in a particular mindset or headspace. Instead of “New Year, New Me”, people tend to want to celebrate love by doing something special. This makes Valentine’s Day a golden opportunity to try something new and see how your guests like it.

So, let’s take a look at 3 ways to spice up Valentine’s Day at your hotel!

1. Themed Social Media Posting

The Valentine’s Day celebration at your establishment should begin with themed social media posting. While this can include posting greetings and cute photos on the day, it can also involve promotional posts leading up to the day.

Some good ideas for social media posts include promoting any upcoming events or special offers at your hotel, romantic quote or cute photo contests to engage your followers, engagement posts about cute ideas on celebrating the day, and so on. These can be posted in the days leading up to February 14.

Social media can also be utilized to give the impression that your establishment is the place to be this Valentine’s Day. Having a certain hashtag that guests can upload photos of can help create that feeling. However, bringing in social media influencers with many followers can really cement that “wish you were here” vibe that you want to create.

2. Seasonal Promotions

Another way to spice up your establishment for Valentine’s Day is to create and promote some seasonal promotions.

This can include offers such as discounts for couples to stay, special offers on products you want to push around Valentine’s Day, and limited time only offers that tie into the festive spirit.

Valentine’s Day is also an excellent opportunity is upsell and cross-sell more. With people being in a festive mood and wanting to shower their loved ones with as much joy and love as their budgets can muster, the likelihood of them buying upgrades to their choices or splurging on complementary services is much higher.

So, take this opportunity to come up with a few seasonal promotion ideas and reach your guests the way Cupid’s arrow would.

3. Seasonal Decorations

This entry on this list is the most obvious one; when a certain festive day comes, decorate according to the theme. Despite how obvious a piece of advice this is, there is no denying that it is effective.

Decorating your establishment to suit the occasion promotes the festive mood amongst your guests. Throwing up a few cute hearts or Cupids or stars can really liven up a room. It can also act as a subconscious reminder to your guests that it IS Valentine’s Day and they should probably be doing something special for their significant other.

The decorations can go beyond the walls and ceilings though. Making slight changes to the plating of the food your guests eat, such as adding decorative hearts or pink/red coloring where appropriate could also make guests feel the festive mood.

Those are just some of the ideas on how to spice up your establishment for Valentine’s Day. We hope you find these ideas helpful and wish you a very happy, loving, and profitable Valentine’s Day this year!

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