Serving your customers’ needs is the most fundamental aspect of customer service. It’s right in the name, after all.

There are many methods of providing exceptional customer service to the guests who visit your establishment. Some cost money while others are simply changes in attitude or approach, costing next to nothing.

In this article, we will be looking at personalized service and why it matters. Personalized service, in this context to pay close attention to the needs of specific guests and customize your offerings to their needs, instead of having them conform to your offers. It involves flexibility and ingenuity to effectively pull off.

Before that, let’s briefly go over why personalized service matters so you can decide if this is the approach for you.

1. Makes Guests Feel Special

It might sound like a cliché but everyone really does want to feel like they are special. Like they matter in some way. This is one of the reasons why personalized service is so valuable.

When you and your staff provide your guests personalized service, it can make them feel like their time spent with you is as important to you as it is for them. It can also make them feel like their choices matter and your establishment is there to help them have a good time. The positive memories they take back from their stay will involve your establishment as well, which is always a plus.

So, employing strategies such as addressing them by name, asking if they want anything extra, recommending them new products and services based on their previous choices, and always being available when they ask can go a long way towards making your guests feel special.

2. Empowers Guests to Make Choices

Personalized service can also contribute towards making your guests feel empowered to make choices.

What this means is that when your staff try upselling more premium products or services, or cross-selling related products or services to your guests, it is more likely to succeed. Guests who feel empowered are more comfortable in spending a little more for an even better experience.

Additionally, empowered guests also tend to express more confidence in their choices. This matters because when they look back at their time at your establishment, the more happy with their choices they are, the more likely they are to come back.

3. Creates Guest Loyalty

Return guests are something every hotel, guesthouse, resort, and other hospitality establishment treasures and wishes for. They are a semi-guaranteed avenue for revenue in the long run.

When your guests feel like there is personalized service that cares for their specific needs, instead of urging them to conform to what the establishment offers, it creates a strong positive association with the place. Such guests are much more likely to come back due to the fact that they want that specific kind of care, sometimes from specific members of your staff. For example, a guest might really enjoy an omelet your chef makes, exact to their specifications.

Loyal and/or returning guests are also potent sources of word-of-mouth marketing. They can spread good reviews about your establishment and make recommendations to it as well.

These are just some of the benefits you can gain through personalized service. That being said, one of the most important things you need to provide personalized service is information on the guests you or your staff deal with. And that’s where TripKit comes in.

TripKit is our easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, highly-customizable digital concierge app.

It allows you and your staff to keep up with the guest itinerary without constantly checking up or suffering from communication errors. It allows for the right staff to receive the right notice to attend your guests at exactly the right time.

Additionally, it allows your guests to browse through all your services and products through their smartphones and make choices that best fit their design for what their perfect holiday with you will be. Also, it is multilingual so guests are even more empowered to engage with your establishment.

If you want to try out TripKit and see what we can do to help you personalize your service to each and every individual guest without suffering from information overload, why not head on over to our website.

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