TripKit is our easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, highly customizable digital concierge app. It exists to assist with some of the more annoying logistical problems of the hospitality industry.

From managing hundreds of similar bookings to keeping track of guest itineraries, TripKit has you covered.

This article is going to make a case for our app by listing down 4 reasons why you should try it.

So, with no further ado, let’s discuss.

1. You Get Your Own App

When you signed on for TripKit, you get your own branded app on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Your guests can download this app onto their smart devices and it allows them to peruse your list services and facilities at their convenience. This also means that the guest can be made aware of any new promotions or special offers you have going on.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the app is multilingual and supports several major languages.

2. You Get to Customize Your App

Another benefit you get from TripKit is that you can take our base app and customize it to your specific branding guidelines.

Your colors, your fonts, and your logos can be displayed on your branded app. We can work with you to ensure that it fits your specifications as much as possible.

In addition to branding guidelines, the app can also be tweaked to suit your operational needs more. For example, some prefer the guest itinerary to be a timeline while others prefer it to be a list. We can accommodate these choices and more.

3. You Can Add Custom Integrations to Your App

With TripKit, you can add custom integrations which can range from the PMS you use to door lock system to your app. These options are meant to offer you a tailored solution specific to your needs.

Some popular PMS services such as Oracle Hospitality, Protel, Guestline, and MEWS can be seamlessly integrated into TripKit. Your guests can easily login with their booking details.

These integrations mean that your day-to-day operations need not be greatly disrupted when making the shift to TripKit.

4.  You Get Dedicated Support

With TripKit, you also get dedicated support from our very capable team. We also provide a dedicated success manager to ensure a smooth experience.

When adopting a new app or system at your hospitality establishment, the lack of availability of the design team to address any issues or queries can be very difficult to deal with. With this in mind, we at TripKit put in effort to make sure we are always available to our respected clients.

We are ready and willing to help with any queries, troubleshooting, or any information that you may need about our app or any related topic.

These are just four of the benefits you get from adopting TripKit. We also come with many helpful features to aid in managing bookings and requests and a staff app that aims to assist your hardworking staff.

If you are at all curious as to what we have to offer, please visit our website and schedule a tour today.