TripKit is our easy-to-learn, easy-to-use digital concierge app. It comes loaded with many features designed to help both your guests and staff.

Today, we will be looking at the key features of the TripKit Guest App that makes it the perfect choice for your hospitality establishment.

In the modern age, it pays to have a digital solution to hospitality problems.

1. Highly Customizable

The TripKit Guest App is highly customizable to your brand specifications. We can set you up with a unique-looking app that perfectly represents your establishment, its offers, and your brand.

We can also customize the way some of our features are displayed in-app. For instance, we can have the guest itinerary be displayed as a timeline instead of a slot-based system, which your guests and staff might find more convenient.

TripKit seeks to offer you a digital solution that is tailored to you.

2. Easy to Use

The TripKit Guest App can be found on the Apple AppStore and the Google PlayStore for any of your guests to download into their smartphones at their convenience.

By making the app easy to obtain, we encourage guests to engage with it more. We’ve designed the app to also be easy to use, with the intent of encouraging guests to explore your establishment’s services, facilities, and offers to their hearts’ content.

TripKit also makes bookings extremely easy for your guests. This increases guest satisfaction and can result in more successful upselling and cross-selling.

3. Multilingual Options

In the modern global world, being able to engage with people in their own language is considered a huge asset towards communication. This is especially true in the hospitality industry, where knowing what people want and giving it to them is the cornerstone of the industry.

TripKit offers multilingual options for major languages. Your guests can browse through your offers in the language of their choice, ensuring that miscommunication about what you offer or what they want is greatly reduced.

Having a multilingual app also helps make your guests feel cared for and looked after. This increases their chances of being returning guests.

4. Streamlined Booking

Another feature of the TripKit Guest App that we’d like to highlight is our streamlined booking process.

With TripKit, when a guest makes a booking request, the information is sent to the relevant staff directly. They can then respond, based on availability. This level of direct communication greatly reduces communication errors, double-booking, and other forms of inconveniences.

Additionally, the guest will receive push notifications giving them updates on the status of their booking. This ensures less time wasted and more transparency, which again increases guest satisfaction.

5. Hotel Map and Local Guide

This last feature is also one that we get positive feedback about. So, let’s talk about our hotel map and local guide feature.

We include options to display an interactive map of your establishment where you can add information about the various facilities and landmarks on your premises.

Not only does this prevent lost guests, but it also lets them know your establishment well and travel through it with much greater ease.

And there you have it! Five key features of the TripKit Guest App that makes it the perfect digital solution to many of your hospitality problems.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, we encourage you to head on over to our website and take the tour today!